The Fault in Our Stars review


Back in November 2012, I stumbled upon a quote on tumblr and saw that it was from a book and I immediately decided I needed to read this book, even though I knew absolutely nothing about it except there was a beautiful quote from it. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” That quote resonated from me, so I immediately looked up the name of the book and the author and went to Books-a-million at 9pm to get the book. I stayed up all night reading it and fell in love. Even though I would be considered a “young adult” I normally would not choose to read a book that falls into that category, but boy am I glad I did. There was just something completely amazing about the book and I immediately fell in love. After I read it the first time, I learned that there was going to be a movie adaptation of it. I had two concerns about that news. The first was that I was nervous that a The Fault in Our Stars movie would do the book no justice because of how beautifully the book is written. The second is that I was going to have to wait over a year and a half to see the movie! I’ve since read the book a few times and it gets better ever time I read it. I’ve kept up with all the casting news, cast interviews, etc. so to say I was excited for the movie is an understatement.

Hazel Grace Lancaster (Woodley) is a 16 year old girl fighting terminal thyroid cancer; her situation making her best friend a portable oxygen tank. She meets Augustus Waters (Elgort), at a cancer support group that she is forced to attend because her parents and doctor believe she is depressed. August has a prosthetic leg after a previous stint with cancer but is declared “cancer free.” Augustus shows immediate interest in Hazel, something she is not accustomed to. The two develop a relationship bonding over their favorite books, their “handicaps”, and cancer perks.

I had extremely high expectations for the movie and they were beyond exceeded. Shailene Woodley was great as Hazel Grace. She played her exactly as I pictured Hazel in the book before I knew who was cast in the movie. I believed that she actually had lungs full of fluid making it difficult for her to catch a breath. Also Now for Ansel Elgort. I truly believe he was put on this Earth specifically to play Augustus Waters. He plays the hopeful, confident, flirt, with a limp to a perfect T. I would go as far as to say he actually is August Waters and not Ansel Elgort. Hazel’s parents (Laura Dern and Sam Trammell) were great as Hazel’s parents and let’s not forget Isaac (Nat Wolff). The only thing wrong with him is that we didn’t see enough of him, one of the few things I wish was a little different in the movie.

The soundtrack is also fantastic. From artists such as Grouplove to Birdy, the songs range from upbeat, to sad songs that make you shed  a tear just listening to them (not to mention paired with a highly emotional scene). Sam Boone did a great job directing and the cinematography was great. I absolutely loved the Amsterdam scenes.

Overall. the movie was fantastic. Then again, I am a little biased because I am obsessed with the book, but I don’t think many people would disagree with me.  I have never cried more in a movie than I did in this one. Tears, makeup all over my face, and snot everywhere (sorry, TMI). I tried so hard to keep it together, but the last 30 minutes did me in.

I highly recommend seeing this movie, but I highly recommend you read the book before if you haven’t yet!






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2 responses to “The Fault in Our Stars review

  1. My daughter and I read the book about 6 moths ago and have been waiting (impatiently) ever since for the movie. We saw it a couple of days ago and loved it, cried hysterically through out the movie but came away feeling like a small precious part of this world.

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