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Memory Monday

I was just thinking about something hilarious that happened to me at work at few weeks ago. Side note: I work at a cafe. So.. this guy, that was very good looking might I add, ordered and was totally flirting with me and my coworker. He was with his mom (awwwww!) eating. So, me and my friend notice that after he is done eating he has a huge handful of straws in his hand. A big, heaping, handful. I would say he had at least 25 or 30 straws.

So the dude and his mom finish eating and an hour passes… another hour passes… and during all this time we notice that he has been holding the straws the WHOLE time. He would not put them down. The weird thing is, is that he wasn’t even drinking with a straw. If he really loved straws that much, you think he would’ve been drinking out of one… hahaha. They sat there for 2 hours and he held this big handful of straws for dear life. Soon, the rest of the staff noticed and we were all cracking up. He noticed and did not care. I don’t even know if he knew what we were laughing about but it was hilarious.

You’re probably thinking “Uh….. guess you had to be there.” That might be the case, but I don’t know if I had laughed that hard for a long time.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I think of that story and it makes me smile.


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The Dirty Guv’nahs

This Saturday, I went to The Dirty Guv’nahs concert with some of my favorite people ever. First off, I got to hang out with some girls that I haven’t in a while which was FUN. Secondly, the Guvs were AHHMAZING. Sometimes there is nothing better than a small concert at a neat venue/bar with a bunch of dedicated fans.

Also, I can’t even handle how hot the leader singer is (he tweeted me.. yes. I love my life).

Here are some pictures from the festivities…

Anna :)))))

Me, Cathrine, Abigail and Mivi

excited for the guvs!!!


and last but not least…

James. too hot.






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What a whore


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I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time

Please, please watch this. I cried. I don’t think I could love Justin Vernon, and Bon Iver, more than I already do.

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January 18, 2012 · 5:41 am

Bits and pieces of a conversation i eavesdropped on

“I mean, I’m a spoiled only child so, like, I seriously cant live in the same room as someone.”

“I have the absolute BEST metabolism, ever, so of anything, I’ll lose the freshman 15.”

“if there are tile floors in the dorms, I will kill myself. Like who wants to wake up and put their feet on cold, dirty tile? Like oh my gah…”

“do you think I would get in trouble if I took the nasty, TWIN dorm bed out, replaced it with my own QUEEN bed and switched them during like breaks and stuff? Cause I would totally do that. Like what if the beds have bed bugs…? Cause you know what? Those are real….. Bed bugs are real, y’all.”

“I mean with my GPA and ACT score, my parents are virtually paying no money for my college. The LEAST they could do is buy me a condo. They’re only like $100,000 and if I didn’t get a scholarship, all four years of college would be more than that…”

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Apparenrly, I look and act like Donna from That 70’s Show? Ive heard it from 4 different people the last two months. I’ve never watched more than a couple episodes so my question is: is that a good or bad thing?

Super, random, pointless post.

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The Hunger Games

Can’t put it down.


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Alabama won the National
Championship for the second time in two years. Alabama(the state) has three in a row. The SEC has 6 in a row. How crazy. I am SO happy!!!! I honestly cried when we won. The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is crazy, and can be annoying at times, but I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege to grow up in the crazy madness of SEC football.

I just wish I wanted to go to Alabama. I have been a die hard Alabama fan for the past 6 years but I had to base my decision on academics, not sports. I’m sad I’ll never be apart of Alabama football but Auburn is the next best thing for me. Sadly(emphasis on that), for the last time(not as an auburn student or alumni) ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

Also, it makes me EXTREMELY happy that LSU scored ZERO points. And I’m extremely sad for Maze. Watching him cry made me want to cry…

Okay, I’ll stop. One last thing….


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Memory Monday

I was just sitting on Facebook stalking one of my old English teachers, with whom I was madly in love with and it made me think of something I somewhat forgot about. Side note: I literally think he might be the hottest person in this world. I had him for two years and I don’t think it was a coincidence that those were two of my favorite years in school. He taught me to love to write and he looked hot while doing it. And this is all besides the point.

Freshman year, the fire drills always seemed to land during his class. The fire alarm goes off and we make our way to the football stadium. My friend, Haley, starts to go through our friend Danielle’s purse.

Haley gets out a bag that has Danielle’s….lady products in and begins to open it. Danielle flips out and says “NO! don’t open that!” and shoves it back in her purse. Mr. Mutter is sitting right in front of us, looking at us, and says “What…? Do you have contraband in there or something?” Haley misheard him, in the most awkward way, and goes “NO SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY CONDOMS IN THERE!!” in the loudest voice possible. Mr. Mutter, cute as can be, blushed and turned around to avoid more conversation.

That was probably the funniest, and most awkward, thing that has happened to me even to this day.

I sure do miss him. And his wife just had a baby. Which officially makes him a dilf.


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Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz

It’s weird how a song can make you recall so many specific memories. As I’m listening to Gone by The Black Crowes (Amorica, which might be my favorite album by them) I can remember exact feelings from 9th grade. When I close my eyes, I am fifteen-year old Brianna. But only for a minute.

I could feel pissed off, happy, sad, what have you, but when a memory-triggering song plays, I am engulfed in the feelings that come with that particular song. Ninth grade was such a great year. I became obsessed with the Black Crowes that year and I basically assosiate all of freshman year with them. Listening to the Black Crowes reminds me of halcyon days, how perfect I thought freshman year was, of my friends that I am no longer close with, of the simplicity of my life then, of the then senior I was infatuated with, and so many more things. When the memories swarm me, I am so happy. Once I realize what I’m feeling are three and some FOUR year old memories, it depresses me. But getting that reminder of those better days inspires me to make the best of today. And it reminds me that I need to listen to the Crowes more.

It’s crazy how music can affect me.


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