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Veronica Mars Movie

I feel like a proud mother whose child just won the spelling bee or something like that. With each day that passes, I am closer and closer to watching a movie that I have been waiting on for SEVEN YEARS. That movie would be the Veronica Mars movie.

To preface my obsession with this franchise, I will begin by telling you how Veronica Mars was the show that sent my television obsession into full gear. My neighbor made me watch the first two seasons of Veronica Mars over the summer of 2006. I was reluctant because I wanted to watch Roswell for the third time in a row but she knew I would love VM. Boy, was she right. I finished the first two seasons just in time to watch season 3 on television. This show literally started my passion for television and blogging. I would write my own little recaps of VM (which I have no idea where I posted, considering that was seven years ago but I WISH I knew), write on message boards, and read anything and everything I could about the show/cast when I wasn’t actually watching the show. While watching season 3 of VM on television, I knew that the show was in jeopardy of being cancelled and I rallied together with fellow Veronica Mars fans (aka “marshmallows”) and sent in dollars to the WB that had “Veronica Mars is smarter than me” (an inside joke from the show) on them to try and save the show . I guess you could call me obsessed. I laugh thinking about 13 year old Brianna sending in dollar bills to Warner Brothers. When the show was officially cancelled, I was devastated, because us VM fans got completely jipped out of a good ending. Immediately after being cancelled, there was “buzz” about a VM movie but nothing was ever set in stone. I was always so optimistic though, because I knew that the cast and creators truly LOVED the show and would be 100% down to make a movie if they were ever given the option.

Every few months or so, someone from the cast would mention doing a movie or a twitter campaign would spark up, so I never lost hope. It’s funny, because I would update my neighbor any time there was chatter about a VM movie and I think somewhere around 2011 she told me how she thought it was crazy that I still thought there was going to be a VM movie one day. I will admit that I did become a little skeptical around 2012 considering the show had been cancelled 5 years before that, and the cast was getting older, and VM would become less relevant. And then almost a year ago today, I got some of the best. news. EVER. I learned about the VM Kickstarter campaign, and that if it was successful, there was INDEED going to be a VM movie. And now here I am, a year later counting down the minutes until I can see the movie!

I really can’t explain how happy this makes me. The Veronica Mars cast is amazing. Rob Thomas is amazing, and I know the movie is going to be everything I’ve been waiting for. I also really can’t believe it’s still happening. It all feels like a dream! I will definitely be posting a review after I see the movie. Possibly on a new blog I’m thinking about starting. To conclude, I am elated about the movie. Absolutely elated. I’m glad I never gave up hope. And it’s so great to see so many other people about it also. See you marshallows in the theater! I think these next few days are going to feel longer than the seven years I’ve waited on this movie.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.50.20 AMOh, and here’s a screenshot of me being desperate and harassing Warner Brothers on twitter in 2009.


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Ho Hey

I’ve been really inspired lately. I’ve also been very happy and dare I say, content? I think it has something to do with my sudden rush of inspiration to write. Here’s the problem? I’m so inspired that I don’t even know where to start. I could start with how Silver Linings Playbook has drastically changed me, because it is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! Honestly, I could go on for hours on how amazing I think Silver Linings Playbook is.

I could also go on about how beautiful of a show LOST is. I’m watching it for the third time through and it is even more beautiful than I thought before. I love the relationships and the characters. I truly don’t know if another show will ever compare to the genius of LOST.

I’m also really happy! Of course, my life is by no means where I want to be, but this semester has been so much better so far. I really think I’m starting to love Auburn.

I’m thinking of a new direction to take my blog in. This blog has kind of served as a whiny, diary of mine and I don’t want it to be like that anymore. Stay tuned for some awesome updates. (I’m pretty sure they won’t be awesome, but I’m trying here y’all!)


and with that, I would like to leave you with this quote from Silver Linings Playbook cause it’s kind of awesome.

“This is what I believe to be true…you have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest. If you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.” -Pat, Silver Linings Playbook

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  • I saw the Avengers tonight, FINALLY! I am seriously ashamed it took me 3 whole weeks to see it! Robert Downey Jr. is too fine. Chris Evans is too fine. Chris Hemsworth is too fine. Mark Ruffalo is too fine. Jeremy Renner is too fine. Tom Hiddleston is too fine. Joss Whedon is an amazing director/writer. (I’m also kind of biased because he’s the creator of Buffy/Angel, but the Avengers was amazing, biased or not.)
  • I am done with high school. I graduate on the 22nd, thus beginning the awkward not-in-high-school yet not-in-college phase. I’m super excited for college, but I’m super not. Let’s not get onto the whole college topic yet. I’m sure half of my posts this summer will have something to do with college.
  • I love my friends, new and old. My friends from school are too awesome and I’m SO thankful for the friends I’ve made at work. I’m definitely going to cry when I move to Auburn and leave them.
  • I’m going to Jamaica in 12 days. I’ve never been out of the country and Jamaica may not be at the top of my list, but I’m ready to drink fruity drinks and sway with the island breeezes MON !!
  • I want to write for a television show. That might be my new, ultimate goal. Writing for Entertainment Weekly would be cool, too.
  • I’ve only broadcasted it to every single person I know, but I’m going to Comic-Con in San Diego this summer and I can’t contain my excitement.
  • I don’t really know what I’m doing right now, but I’m doing it.


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It’s been one week since you looked at me

I saw American Reunion yesterday and loved it. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard for me to dislike a movie. It really is. Unless it absolutely sucks, or it’s a cheesy action movie(not a fan) then chances are, I will like and I will cry. All of that being said, I liked American Reunion a lot (which I’m guessing I’m alone on because I’ve seen mostly negative reviews).

American Reunion picks up with the 13 year reunion of the East Falls High gang that we all know and love from American Pie, American Pie 2 and American Wedding. I personally love American Wedding, don’t know about y’all. Anyways, the adorable Jim and Michelle are in a sexual rut, Kevin is married to a Gossip Girl obsessed girl we hardly get to see, Finch is just as hilarious as ever, Oz is a sportscaster (NOT on ESPN) in a relationship that seems out of his element, Stifler is well… Stifler and living like he is still in high school, Heather is dating Dron (Dr. Ron.. haha) while still having feelings for Oz, Jim’s dad is mourning the loss of his wife with the help of Stifler’s mom (HUH-LAR-IOUS) and all the others characters don’t have big enough storylines to make this sentence ever longer.

EVERYONE was in this dang movie. Everyone. Even the “MILF” dudes. How awesome. I was not expecting literally every cast member (besides Jim’ mom) to be in the movie but I am so happy they are! Everyone looks good for their age and I thought the movie was still hilarious even though some people think the franchise is stale now. Stifler taking a shi- in those douchebag’s cooler is probably the funniest thing ever. I might be biased because I just love the franchise but I thought American Reunion was great. The ending hinted to a fifth movie…? That would be awesome in a few years.

Now for the non-review part. I was sitting in the movie theater thinking “Wow… it’s their 13 year reunion. They (the fictional characters) are all so old now. Holy shit…. they were all my age in 1999 and now they’re all 30 with kids and married. 13 YEARS??? OMG, I’ll be in their position in 13 dang years. Oh my god, I’m so old! Why is life moving so fast? Brianna… calm down. You’re 17 and haven’t even graduated yet. OMG I’m SO OLD I MIGHT CRY!” Yeah, I’m kind of a crazy person. Don’t read too much into me.


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It has literally been my dream to go to San Diego Comic Con for at least 3 years. I finally decided that this was the year and IT IS!!!!! The only downside… the link that was supposed to take us to the waiting room that Comic Con emailed us was defective. I was literally at the computer at 10:00:01 but didn’t figure out to copy and paste the link into my browser until 10:06, therefore leaving me at number 20,000 in line. The 4-day-badges sold out when I was at about number 6,000 and the Friday and Saturday passes sold out when I was at number 60. I asked myself if it would be worth it to go for just Thursday and Sunday (I’ve decided I’m going to go stay with my friend in LA in between, so that will be fun!) and after reminding myself of last years panels of Thursday and Sunday, I’ve decided to go. I only payed $31 too. I’m just really disappointed that the last year I will fall under a “junior” is this year and I couldn’t even get a 4-day-badge. I’m also sad that I’ll miss Saturday (the biggest, major movie and TV show panels) but then I think about being there for two days and I am ECSTATIC!!

I also know that I will for sure be able to get a 4-day-pass and maybe even with Preview Night for 2013 cause I’ll be able to buy it there this summer! WOOO!

This is how excited I am:


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I’m such a sap

I’m the first to admit, I’m a major sucker for romantic films and I cry in all of them. Literally. I don’t think there has ever been a romantic movie, romantic COMEDIES included, that I haven’t cried in. Some, just a tear was shed. Others turn into a full out cry fest. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the theater watching, I cry. A lot.

I saw The Vow tonight which I LOVED. There were so many mixed reviews but I honestly don’t understand how anyone could not like a movie with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. They were amazing together. I believed the story. I felt their pain, their happiness as their characters were feeling it. I loved the music, the cinematography, the actors, the storyline, the beautiful set. All of it. Oh, and I wouldn’t be a teenage girl if I didn’t take a moment to freak out over how perfect Channing Tatum is… AHHHHHH! He’s gorgeous. Perfect. I want him.

And of course I bawled my eyes out. You think I’m kidding but my eyes are hurting right now because I cried so much. There were tears of happiness and of sadness and believe me, there was plenty of them. There was one part where I almost felt like I was going to sob. Normal people had some sniffles and a few tears fall… not me. I’m sitting there with mascara all over my face with my eyes full of tears. I think I become so emotionally invested in the movies and television shows I watch and that’s why I get so emotional.

Basically, I loved the Vow and I cry a lot.


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The Hunger Games

Can’t put it down.


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