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Ho Hey

I’ve been really inspired lately. I’ve also been very happy and dare I say, content? I think it has something to do with my sudden rush of inspiration to write. Here’s the problem? I’m so inspired that I don’t even know where to start. I could start with how Silver Linings Playbook has drastically changed me, because it is SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! Honestly, I could go on for hours on how amazing I think Silver Linings Playbook is.

I could also go on about how beautiful of a show LOST is. I’m watching it for the third time through and it is even more beautiful than I thought before. I love the relationships and the characters. I truly don’t know if another show will ever compare to the genius of LOST.

I’m also really happy! Of course, my life is by no means where I want to be, but this semester has been so much better so far. I really think I’m starting to love Auburn.

I’m thinking of a new direction to take my blog in. This blog has kind of served as a whiny, diary of mine and I don’t want it to be like that anymore. Stay tuned for some awesome updates. (I’m pretty sure they won’t be awesome, but I’m trying here y’all!)


and with that, I would like to leave you with this quote from Silver Linings Playbook cause it’s kind of awesome.

“This is what I believe to be true…you have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest. If you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining.” -Pat, Silver Linings Playbook


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Shows I need to finish/watch this summer

Shows to catch up on from this year

  1. Revenge
  2. 2 Broke Girls
  3. New Girl
  4. Ringer
  5. Gossip Girl

Shows to finish:

  1. Friends (started last summer. I’m on season 7 and really need to finish)
  2. That 70s Show (almost done with season 7. may not be realistic to finish all 10 seasons this summer)
  3. Dawson’s Creek (almost done with season 1. Stopped to watch Friends and That 70s Show)
  4. Bones (I used to be a season behind but I’m now 2 behind)

My wish list of shows to watch after I finish the shows mentioned above:

  1. Arrested Development
  2. Suits
  3. The OC (rewatch)
  4. Bufy & Angel (rewatch)
  5. Veronica Mars (rewatch)
  6. Roswell (rewatch)
  7. FNL (rewatch)
  8. TVD (rewatch)

This is totally not going to happen, but I hope it does.

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Hey Jesus

Want to know what I’m doing right now and what I’m supposed to be doing? Writing a paper on Hamlet is one of those things. Listening to The Avett Brothers while writing a pointless blog post is the other. I’ll let you guess which one goes where.

Anyways, tonight was a fantastic night. I got to see Tyler Hilton in concert tonight and HOTDAMN is he amazing. His voice is just perfectly perfect. His guitar playing skills are RIDIC and he is HILARIOUS.

I’ve realized that its 12:05 AM and I’m REALLY going to regret this tomorrow so I’m actually going to attempt to write my paper now. I’ll write about the concert tomorrow for whoever’s reading.

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It has literally been my dream to go to San Diego Comic Con for at least 3 years. I finally decided that this was the year and IT IS!!!!! The only downside… the link that was supposed to take us to the waiting room that Comic Con emailed us was defective. I was literally at the computer at 10:00:01 but didn’t figure out to copy and paste the link into my browser until 10:06, therefore leaving me at number 20,000 in line. The 4-day-badges sold out when I was at about number 6,000 and the Friday and Saturday passes sold out when I was at number 60. I asked myself if it would be worth it to go for just Thursday and Sunday (I’ve decided I’m going to go stay with my friend in LA in between, so that will be fun!) and after reminding myself of last years panels of Thursday and Sunday, I’ve decided to go. I only payed $31 too. I’m just really disappointed that the last year I will fall under a “junior” is this year and I couldn’t even get a 4-day-badge. I’m also sad that I’ll miss Saturday (the biggest, major movie and TV show panels) but then I think about being there for two days and I am ECSTATIC!!

I also know that I will for sure be able to get a 4-day-pass and maybe even with Preview Night for 2013 cause I’ll be able to buy it there this summer! WOOO!

This is how excited I am:


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My Revenge review

Hey everyone! My recap of this week’s Revenge is up! If you are interested…

It was super fun to write and I look forward to other episodes.

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Walls Come Down

Ya’ll. I have a confession. I’m really, really, really nervous to write my Revenge recap for NoWhiteNoise on Wednesday. Writing is usually pretty natural to me, once I figure out once I’m writing about – which is the real battle, and I know what I’m supposed to write about but now the pressure is on because people will – GET THIS – actually be reading what I write. Not 20 measly viewers will read what I write, not my English teacher, but a considerable amount of people! I’m just scared I’ll disappoint or fail.

I think what I need to do is calm down and not worry about it. I’m not being graded. This is all for fun. I’m going to attempt to sleep now, even though I’ll probably lie awake wondering how to even write a recap…. (which I should NOT be wondering considering I read every dang recap there is to read every week on

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Big news, friends!

I applied to write for and I got it! I seriously can’t believe it happened. This is such a big oppurtunity for me. Just being able to say that I write for a website is HUGE! Something I would LOVE to do is to write for Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide etc. and this  is great expierence for something I might want to do in the future!

I just can’t contain my excitement! I know it will probably be a challenge, now that I’ll actually have readers, but I’m so excited for this journey!


So… if you haven’t already…. go check out




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Apparenrly, I look and act like Donna from That 70’s Show? Ive heard it from 4 different people the last two months. I’ve never watched more than a couple episodes so my question is: is that a good or bad thing?

Super, random, pointless post.

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Alabama won the National
Championship for the second time in two years. Alabama(the state) has three in a row. The SEC has 6 in a row. How crazy. I am SO happy!!!! I honestly cried when we won. The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is crazy, and can be annoying at times, but I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege to grow up in the crazy madness of SEC football.

I just wish I wanted to go to Alabama. I have been a die hard Alabama fan for the past 6 years but I had to base my decision on academics, not sports. I’m sad I’ll never be apart of Alabama football but Auburn is the next best thing for me. Sadly(emphasis on that), for the last time(not as an auburn student or alumni) ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

Also, it makes me EXTREMELY happy that LSU scored ZERO points. And I’m extremely sad for Maze. Watching him cry made me want to cry…

Okay, I’ll stop. One last thing….


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What television means to me

To me, there honestly is nothing better than watching a good, quality television show. The range of emotions I experience while watching one of my favorite shows is amazing. I can go from bawling to laughing in a change of a scene. From smiling to crying in an instant. Watching tv makes me happy. Warms me on the inside. When I’m watching TV, nothing else matters. (How dumb do I sound?)

It all started in 6th grade. The first television to I ever watched on DVD was Roswell. I fell in love. When I wasn’t watching it, I was thinking about it, listening to the soundtrack, watching YouTube videos of scenes from the show, but mostly I was watching it. I started it in the summer so I had hours and hours to watch it. I analyzed every character, remembered episodes line by line, researched the cast. It wasn’t just a show to me, it was a hobby. Roswell consumed me that summer. Sure, I still spend hours a day at the pool, but the nighttime was my playground. I, 12 year old Brianna, would stay up until 4am watching Roswell. It became a lifestyle.

After that was Veronica Mars. Young Americans. Summerland. The OC. Gossip Girl.

TV became a lifestyle. When I didn’t have school or wasn’t with my friends, I would watch disc after disc of the show that I had the privilege to watch.

Then came Buffy. Oh, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did bad things to me. I lived and breathed Buffy, and Angel. I became more obsessed with Buffy than any other TV show I ever watched. I began it in 9th grade and it changed me. Literally, changed me. Ninth grade was such a critical year in me finding myself, and Buffy helped in the weirdest way. I will forever love that show with my whole heart. But, it did worsen my tv obsession. After Buffy, there was no turning back. ;)

After Buffy and Angel came Tru Calling, Kyle XY, Dollhouse, Weeds, True Blood, Life Unexpected, Bones, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Lost, Friends… countless more.

Keep in mind I watched these shows over the course of years. Not months or anything. In fact, I’m still in the process of watching some. Eleventh grade is when I began watching tv shows actually on tv and not on DVD. Add all those to the list above. Busy, busy. Sometimes I get myself in too deep with the television watching. I take on more than I can handle, but its show worth it because I love it so much.

Currently is Friday Night Lights(which I think might be almost my favorite show because it is so realistic and doesn’t make me think my life should be super dramatic and soap opera-y and amazing) and I am in love. I have two more episodes and I don’t want to watch them because I will have to admit to myself that it is over(to me) and I don’t want to face that reality. You might say I don’t have a life, I say I love my life.

I think the reason I love television so much is because it makes me forget about everything going on in my world and just relax. It’s amazing.

DISCLAIMER: I realize this post makes me seem super lifeless, but I actually have a life. and friends. and a social life. I just love tv a lot. a lot a lot.

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