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The Most Boring Summer of My Life to Date

The title pretty much explains it all. I haven’t really done an update as I usually do because when I say I’ve done almost NOTHING of note this summer, I’m not lying. Almost all of my friends are off doing things with their lives this summer while I’m working two jobs and hanging out with my dad. I do the same thing every single day. Wake up, babysit, come home, hang around the house, maybe do some homework, watch Netflix/TV, workout and then repeat. Fun, right?! 

I’m not complaining too much, though, because I will be in BERLIN, GERMANY in less than a month! I also will not be posting on this blog while I’m there because I’m going to make a different one just for my travels, which I will post soon!

Thanks to all 30 of you reading this! 


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The Fault in Our Stars review


Back in November 2012, I stumbled upon a quote on tumblr and saw that it was from a book and I immediately decided I needed to read this book, even though I knew absolutely nothing about it except there was a beautiful quote from it. “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” That quote resonated from me, so I immediately looked up the name of the book and the author and went to Books-a-million at 9pm to get the book. I stayed up all night reading it and fell in love. Even though I would be considered a “young adult” I normally would not choose to read a book that falls into that category, but boy am I glad I did. There was just something completely amazing about the book and I immediately fell in love. After I read it the first time, I learned that there was going to be a movie adaptation of it. I had two concerns about that news. The first was that I was nervous that a The Fault in Our Stars movie would do the book no justice because of how beautifully the book is written. The second is that I was going to have to wait over a year and a half to see the movie! I’ve since read the book a few times and it gets better ever time I read it. I’ve kept up with all the casting news, cast interviews, etc. so to say I was excited for the movie is an understatement.

Hazel Grace Lancaster (Woodley) is a 16 year old girl fighting terminal thyroid cancer; her situation making her best friend a portable oxygen tank. She meets Augustus Waters (Elgort), at a cancer support group that she is forced to attend because her parents and doctor believe she is depressed. August has a prosthetic leg after a previous stint with cancer but is declared “cancer free.” Augustus shows immediate interest in Hazel, something she is not accustomed to. The two develop a relationship bonding over their favorite books, their “handicaps”, and cancer perks.

I had extremely high expectations for the movie and they were beyond exceeded. Shailene Woodley was great as Hazel Grace. She played her exactly as I pictured Hazel in the book before I knew who was cast in the movie. I believed that she actually had lungs full of fluid making it difficult for her to catch a breath. Also Now for Ansel Elgort. I truly believe he was put on this Earth specifically to play Augustus Waters. He plays the hopeful, confident, flirt, with a limp to a perfect T. I would go as far as to say he actually is August Waters and not Ansel Elgort. Hazel’s parents (Laura Dern and Sam Trammell) were great as Hazel’s parents and let’s not forget Isaac (Nat Wolff). The only thing wrong with him is that we didn’t see enough of him, one of the few things I wish was a little different in the movie.

The soundtrack is also fantastic. From artists such as Grouplove to Birdy, the songs range from upbeat, to sad songs that make you shed  a tear just listening to them (not to mention paired with a highly emotional scene). Sam Boone did a great job directing and the cinematography was great. I absolutely loved the Amsterdam scenes.

Overall. the movie was fantastic. Then again, I am a little biased because I am obsessed with the book, but I don’t think many people would disagree with me.  I have never cried more in a movie than I did in this one. Tears, makeup all over my face, and snot everywhere (sorry, TMI). I tried so hard to keep it together, but the last 30 minutes did me in.

I highly recommend seeing this movie, but I highly recommend you read the book before if you haven’t yet!





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I’ve officially been accepted to study abroad in Germany for the upcoming fall semester!! I will be studying abroad at the Freie Universitaet in Berlin and I absolutely can not wait! I’m staying with a host family and I will be there for almost five months studying German. I know it’s going to be one of the biggest challenges of my life thus far, especially considering I haven’t been overseas before, but I am so ready for it. Of course, I don’t want to wish the last half of my sophomore (!!) semester and summer away, but I’m counting down the days until I step off that plane. I will be using this blog (or maybe a separate one… haven’t decided yet) to write about my time in Germany/Europe so stay tuned for updates!



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What a past couple months it’s been! I have been going non-stop from Thanksgiving until now.

The most exciting part of that has been Auburn Football. Last year, Auburn went 3-9 and was winless in the SEC. Even with an exciting hiring of a new head coach, I came to Auburn expecting a mediocre season at best, and boy was I wrong. I would say that the Iron Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama game) was one of the most exciting experiences of my entire life. I sat with my brother and best friends right behind the field goal. Chris Davis #11, made an amazing miracle play leading Auburn to beat Alabama in what was the most amazing Iron Bowls ever. I, along with almost the entire Jordan-Hare stadium, rushed the field in pandemonium. I have never felt the amount pure joy that I felt in that moment. It was such an amazing experience. After the game, my friends and I rolled Toomer’s Corner and went to celebrate the victory. The next weekend, Auburn played in the SEC championship. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend but I did watch the game at Moe’s BBQ and got to roll Toomer’s after the victory. After the celebration, all of Auburn moved onto the next football game to watch, The Ohio St. vs Michigan State.  If Ohio St lost, we would be going to the National Championship, and guess what? We did. And I got to roll Toomer’s Corner twice in one night. Even though we ended up losing the National Championship, I am so thankful for being able to experience, the now infamous, 2013 Auburn Football season. I will never forget this season. I mean how awesome is it to go from being winless in the SEC, to SEC champs the next? War Damn Eagle!

IMG_0736Iron Bowl fun!

I am thankful to say that this Christmas break was the first time that I legitimately did not want to go home. I had such a great semester (just very busy) and I was not looking forward to leaving Auburn for a month. Even though I worked a lot, Christmas break was good. It was the break I needed, especially after my stressful semester! It was also great to be back at work and making money. I also, of course, loved being with my friends from home for a whole month. I always miss them so much!

After Christmas, I went to visit my family in Buffalo, NY. I always love going up to Buffalo. I feel like I belong in the north, and it is always so great to visit my family. It was absolutely freezing! Really though, the windchill was -20 one day. And of course that day we decided to go to Niagra Falls. It was so cool to see in the winter!

Now, I’m back at Auburn and hoping and praying this semester is just as great, if not better! I am currently in the process of planning my study abroad to Germany and just trying to survive my classes so far.

And here are just some pictures from the past few weeks.


Christmas Cocktail with my little


SEC championship with my big!


Toomer’s Corner after the SEC championship


NYE with some frandsIMG_1258 IMG_1221

Niagra Falls on the coldest day of the year in Buffalo.


#5 Ricardo Louis aka the guy who won the Georgia game with the miracle catch. IMG_1572Stalking the Vampire Diaries set with my friends over MLK weekend.


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7 Dating Trends That Should Stop Immediately

Thought Catalog

1. Making a conscious effort to show how much less you can care than the other person.

There’s a game commonly being played in the dating world called, I’m Going To Prove That You’re Into This WAY More Than I Am. It’s kind of like peekaboo but you’re the grown up, the other person is the baby and the objective is to meet their excitement with high levels of disinterest when your face pops into view.

I know this is a defense mechanism that people utilize as a way of proceeding with caution and protecting themselves, but if you think about it there’s no real benefit. Purposely taking long to respond to texts, waiting an extra day to return calls, being nonchalant and whatever about spending time together – these things will only fill the other person with doubt. Then, even if it doesn’t work out, regardless of the…

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The Lifeguard

I have not been so obsessed with a movie in so long. I watched the movie, The Lifeguard, for the first time on Thanksgiving night and I am about to watch it for my fifth time tonight. The only movies I have ever really done that with are 500 Days of Summer, A Love Song for Bobby Long, and Silver Linings Playbook. I knew what it was that I liked so much with all of those movies, but I can’t exactly point out what it is in this one. 

I will be writing a review of it soon. 


Off to obsess over the movie even more now. 

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Kopecky Family Band & The Mowgli’s

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure to see two really great bands, Kopecky Family Band and The Mowgli’s. I heard a song by Kopecky Family Band on Birmingham Mountain Radio about a month ago that I really liked and they just happened to be in Birmingham the next weekend when I was visiting but I had to work and was super bummed. My love for them continued to grow and I have been listening to them non-stop the past few weeks. I randomly decided to look at their tour dates to see if they would be anywhere around Birmingham/Auburn over the rest of their tour and I was so excited when I saw that they were going to be in Atlanta just a few days after I looked. I asked my friend Anna, who will go to any concert with me, if she would want to go and she said yes. Kopecky Family Band was opening for the Mowgli’s, who I also have heard on Birmingham Mountain Radio (my all-time favorite radio station, ever. Give it a listen.) and like a few of their songs. I listened to Kopecky Family Band the week leading up and listened to the Mowgli’s just a little the day of (and I wish I listened to them more beforehand!) to get excited for the concert.

The concert was at The Loft in Atlanta and its a somewhat small but really nice venue! Kopecky Family Band was just setting up when we got there and they were setting their own stuff up, which I thought was really cool. I was in awe when they started playing. They are the kind of band that is even better live. They were so interactive with the crowd, almost every band member played multiple instruments throughout the set and they were so creative! For example, Kelsey Kopecky, from whom the band got their name, used a thick chain and tossed it around to make a cool sound. I also loved how they play completely real music, whistle and clap in their music. They also use a cello and trombone in some of their songs and I was slowing dying inside because of how amazing they are. Kelsey and Gabe’s voices together are so perfect together and they know exactly how to put on an amazing show. If I could see them over, and over, and over again I would. I’ve never seen a group who is more passionate about their music than the Kopecky Family Band and I’m not kidding when I say that. They seemed to want to be absolutely nowhere else than right there on that stage. I knew almost all of the songs they played but I was pleasantly surprised when they began a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk. It was different than the original but so amazing. I really have never seen a band live with such musicality.

The Mowgli’s were also great. They had so much energy on stage and all I wanted to do was get up there on the stage and party with them, because their performance was basically one big party. They also all played multiple instruments and I loved it when they all sung together. Eight voices at one time makes for an awesome sound.

I highly recommend checking both bands out. They are both refreshing up and coming bands that are a good change from todays’ pop music scene.

Now I’m counting down the days until I can see them both again.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 presetThe Mowgli’s are pictured at the top and Kopecky Family Band at the bottom.


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22 Reasons Why Absolutely No One In Their 20s Has It Together

It’s kind of scary how almost every single one of these applies to me. Except the fact that I’m not 20 yet, but I’m not rushing that.

Thought Catalog

Lately, I’ve been feeling so pressured and overwhelmed by society to “reach my goal” and become successful. We spend all of our teenage and 20′s worrying about our career, we forget that we have another 3/4 of a decade to worry about that. These are our prime years! We should be experiencing life, traveling the world, making wrong turns and laughing about them. Instead, we are all running around masking our confusion with faux titles and pretend successes. No one in their 20′s have it all together, so quit buggin’ out and RELAX! Here are 22 proofs that we are a bunch of deranged chickens with our heads cut off:

1. We delete our Facebook at least once a year to prove our non-existent addiction to social media heroin. We need to be ‘above’ the trend, right?

2. Which brings me to point two. We are self-denying, TOM’s wearing hipsters…

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struggle bus

I’m pretty sure all of my teachers get together and plan to put all of my tests and papers on the same day. I’m honestly starting to believe that. Every single week, I have an average of 3 tests and quizzes one one day and an 8 page paper due the day before! Not to mention hours of homework. The Sophomore Slump is real, y’all. It also doesn’t help that I’m taking German and Spanish at the same time. I thought that was a good idea, why? I know college is not easy, especially Auburn, but it seems like all my friends have maybe one or two tests a month, and MAYBE one paper, and I’m here doing work hours every single night while they’re out having fun. I guess that’s what I get for doing awful freshman year.

I can not wait to get into classes for my major. Maybe I’ll have some more motivation to do my work when it actually interests me. The funny thing is that I don’t even know for sure what I’m majoring in anymore. All I can really do is laugh at myself.

Thanksgiving break, where are you?!! I’m in major need for some Birmingham lovin’. Newks, my bed, my Bham friends, a mental break, and homecooked meals are calling my name.

Speaking of Thanksgiving break… where the hell did 2013 go?

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to be thankful

I noticed a pretty ugly part of myself the other day. On my way home from class, I got the urge to check my mailbox as I do about once every month and I was surprised to find something other than Geico junkmail and coupons. There were two cards and a package in my mailbox all with my name on them. I immediately run back to my car and rip open one of the cards. I don’t even stop to read the card. Instead, I open the card immediately, without reading anything, looking for money. The joy I felt when I saw the money in the card was not worth how awful I felt about myself later when I realized I didn’t even know who the card was from. I was so caught up in hoping there was money in the card, I did not even stop to read what sweet soul sent money to me for HALLOWEEN. I almost sat and cried to myself a few hours after opening the card when I realized that this is not the person I like to think I am. When did I become so caught up in myself, money, and worldly things? One thing about me is that I hate following the crowd. I’m kind of against the newest technology (ahem, e-readers, you will be responsible for wrecking me if you make real books become extinct), I don’t follow trends, I don’t like music in the top 40, I don’t like how modern the world is becoming and I’ve always somewhat moved against the current.  I like to think I’m a somewhat “different” gen y-er, an old soul of sorts, and this situation showed me that I’m not as impervious to getting too caught up in myself and the things in this world as I thought I was. I am not that much different from all of the other ungrateful kids out there who care nothing about a card from a family member; the kind of person who would toss a card in the trash after collecting the money from it.

I’m actually glad this happened though, because it taught me to be more grateful, forget about money and worldly things, because in all reality, they mean nothing. What really matters is the person who took time out of their day to think about you and to send you a card because of that. That is what is important. Because at the end of the day, the person behind the card will always be there. The Chipotle and Starbucks you bought with that $20 will be gone after your most recent trip to the bathroom and that’s something we could all remember every now and then.

I am sad that I let money rule my life and I’m not letting it anymore. It’s time for me to be thankful for the things I have, the people that send me cards with money I did nothing to deserve, and the life that the Good Lord has blessed me with.


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