Veronica Mars Movie

I feel like a proud mother whose child just won the spelling bee or something like that. With each day that passes, I am closer and closer to watching a movie that I have been waiting on for SEVEN YEARS. That movie would be the Veronica Mars movie.

To preface my obsession with this franchise, I will begin by telling you how Veronica Mars was the show that sent my television obsession into full gear. My neighbor made me watch the first two seasons of Veronica Mars over the summer of 2006. I was reluctant because I wanted to watch Roswell for the third time in a row but she knew I would love VM. Boy, was she right. I finished the first two seasons just in time to watch season 3 on television. This show literally started my passion for television and blogging. I would write my own little recaps of VM (which I have no idea where I posted, considering that was seven years ago but I WISH I knew), write on message boards, and read anything and everything I could about the show/cast when I wasn’t actually watching the show. While watching season 3 of VM on television, I knew that the show was in jeopardy of being cancelled and I rallied together with fellow Veronica Mars fans (aka “marshmallows”) and sent in dollars to the WB that had “Veronica Mars is smarter than me” (an inside joke from the show) on them to try and save the show . I guess you could call me obsessed. I laugh thinking about 13 year old Brianna sending in dollar bills to Warner Brothers. When the show was officially cancelled, I was devastated, because us VM fans got completely jipped out of a good ending. Immediately after being cancelled, there was “buzz” about a VM movie but nothing was ever set in stone. I was always so optimistic though, because I knew that the cast and creators truly LOVED the show and would be 100% down to make a movie if they were ever given the option.

Every few months or so, someone from the cast would mention doing a movie or a twitter campaign would spark up, so I never lost hope. It’s funny, because I would update my neighbor any time there was chatter about a VM movie and I think somewhere around 2011 she told me how she thought it was crazy that I still thought there was going to be a VM movie one day. I will admit that I did become a little skeptical around 2012 considering the show had been cancelled 5 years before that, and the cast was getting older, and VM would become less relevant. And then almost a year ago today, I got some of the best. news. EVER. I learned about the VM Kickstarter campaign, and that if it was successful, there was INDEED going to be a VM movie. And now here I am, a year later counting down the minutes until I can see the movie!

I really can’t explain how happy this makes me. The Veronica Mars cast is amazing. Rob Thomas is amazing, and I know the movie is going to be everything I’ve been waiting for. I also really can’t believe it’s still happening. It all feels like a dream! I will definitely be posting a review after I see the movie. Possibly on a new blog I’m thinking about starting. To conclude, I am elated about the movie. Absolutely elated. I’m glad I never gave up hope. And it’s so great to see so many other people about it also. See you marshallows in the theater! I think these next few days are going to feel longer than the seven years I’ve waited on this movie.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.50.20 AMOh, and here’s a screenshot of me being desperate and harassing Warner Brothers on twitter in 2009.


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