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What a past couple months it’s been! I have been going non-stop from Thanksgiving until now.

The most exciting part of that has been Auburn Football. Last year, Auburn went 3-9 and was winless in the SEC. Even with an exciting hiring of a new head coach, I came to Auburn expecting a mediocre season at best, and boy was I wrong. I would say that the Iron Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama game) was one of the most exciting experiences of my entire life. I sat with my brother and best friends right behind the field goal. Chris Davis #11, made an amazing miracle play leading Auburn to beat Alabama in what was the most amazing Iron Bowls ever. I, along with almost the entire Jordan-Hare stadium, rushed the field in pandemonium. I have never felt the amount pure joy that I felt in that moment. It was such an amazing experience. After the game, my friends and I rolled Toomer’s Corner and went to celebrate the victory. The next weekend, Auburn played in the SEC championship. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend but I did watch the game at Moe’s BBQ and got to roll Toomer’s after the victory. After the celebration, all of Auburn moved onto the next football game to watch, The Ohio St. vs Michigan State.  If Ohio St lost, we would be going to the National Championship, and guess what? We did. And I got to roll Toomer’s Corner twice in one night. Even though we ended up losing the National Championship, I am so thankful for being able to experience, the now infamous, 2013 Auburn Football season. I will never forget this season. I mean how awesome is it to go from being winless in the SEC, to SEC champs the next? War Damn Eagle!

IMG_0736Iron Bowl fun!

I am thankful to say that this Christmas break was the first time that I legitimately did not want to go home. I had such a great semester (just very busy) and I was not looking forward to leaving Auburn for a month. Even though I worked a lot, Christmas break was good. It was the break I needed, especially after my stressful semester! It was also great to be back at work and making money. I also, of course, loved being with my friends from home for a whole month. I always miss them so much!

After Christmas, I went to visit my family in Buffalo, NY. I always love going up to Buffalo. I feel like I belong in the north, and it is always so great to visit my family. It was absolutely freezing! Really though, the windchill was -20 one day. And of course that day we decided to go to Niagra Falls. It was so cool to see in the winter!

Now, I’m back at Auburn and hoping and praying this semester is just as great, if not better! I am currently in the process of planning my study abroad to Germany and just trying to survive my classes so far.

And here are just some pictures from the past few weeks.


Christmas Cocktail with my little


SEC championship with my big!


Toomer’s Corner after the SEC championship


NYE with some frandsIMG_1258 IMG_1221

Niagra Falls on the coldest day of the year in Buffalo.


#5 Ricardo Louis aka the guy who won the Georgia game with the miracle catch. IMG_1572Stalking the Vampire Diaries set with my friends over MLK weekend.



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Alabama won the National
Championship for the second time in two years. Alabama(the state) has three in a row. The SEC has 6 in a row. How crazy. I am SO happy!!!! I honestly cried when we won. The rivalry between Alabama and Auburn is crazy, and can be annoying at times, but I’m so glad I’ve had the privilege to grow up in the crazy madness of SEC football.

I just wish I wanted to go to Alabama. I have been a die hard Alabama fan for the past 6 years but I had to base my decision on academics, not sports. I’m sad I’ll never be apart of Alabama football but Auburn is the next best thing for me. Sadly(emphasis on that), for the last time(not as an auburn student or alumni) ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!

Also, it makes me EXTREMELY happy that LSU scored ZERO points. And I’m extremely sad for Maze. Watching him cry made me want to cry…

Okay, I’ll stop. One last thing….


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Southern Football Rivalries

Growing up in the south has engraved the love of football into my bones. High school football rules Friday nights and the SEC rules Saturday’s down here. Auburn and Alabama are two of the biggest rivalries ever. In all honesty, the constant fights and debates can get annoying but it’s all a part of the fun. I was just out driving around and all you see is red and white and orange and blue. It’s crazy. Football is not just a sport down here, it’s a lifestyle.

I’m excited to see how the Iron  Bowl plays out, even though everyone knows Alabama is going to crush Auburn.

Also, I’m sad that this will be the last year I’ll be able to openly cheer for Alabama since I’ll probably be at Auburn next year.

But until then,


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