22 Reasons Why Absolutely No One In Their 20s Has It Together

It’s kind of scary how almost every single one of these applies to me. Except the fact that I’m not 20 yet, but I’m not rushing that.

Thought Catalog

Lately, I’ve been feeling so pressured and overwhelmed by society to “reach my goal” and become successful. We spend all of our teenage and 20′s worrying about our career, we forget that we have another 3/4 of a decade to worry about that. These are our prime years! We should be experiencing life, traveling the world, making wrong turns and laughing about them. Instead, we are all running around masking our confusion with faux titles and pretend successes. No one in their 20′s have it all together, so quit buggin’ out and RELAX! Here are 22 proofs that we are a bunch of deranged chickens with our heads cut off:

1. We delete our Facebook at least once a year to prove our non-existent addiction to social media heroin. We need to be ‘above’ the trend, right?

2. Which brings me to point two. We are self-denying, TOM’s wearing hipsters…

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