When A Heart Breaks

I lost my best friend yesterday. I lost the one person that has ALWAYS, without fail, been there for me. The one that has loved me unconditionally complete with all my faults,the one that has listened to every word I ever said to them, and the one who has never judged me. I lost one of my favorite things in the world yesterday, my dog.


One of my favorite memories of growing up was going to the pumpkin patch only to come home to this wonderful surprise. I was 7 years old and had NO idea I was about to get a dog. I named him Hiccup and loved him the first minute I saw him. I had a lot of family drama growing up and Hiccup was the one “person” who was always there for me. I had another dog, an older golden retriever named Cally, who I loved with all my heart (and was devastated when he died 5 years ago) but Hiccup and I had a different connection. He loved me as much as I loved him, and I could tell.

Hiccup turned 10 in October 2012, so he definitely wasn’t the youngest dog ever but I thought I still had 3 or so years left with him because a beagle’s’ life expectancy is about 12-15 years. I think the reason I’m so upset is because I was caught so off guard. I found out that he was dying last night while I was at work and it honestly felt like my world stopped for a minute. I am very serious about my work, but I put everything down and ran out.

It was probably the most painful thing ever to see the life sucked out of my precious baby. I cried and cried and cried. The worst part is, my dad told me that he noticed something was wrong with Hiccup and that he ran straight up to my room looking for me before he laid down and started to cry. That broke my heart. I never knew how much it could hurt to lose something or someone so close to you. I’ve been very lucky to have not really experienced any real loss in my life so far, so Hiccup dying definitely takes the cake.

My heart is so heavy and I keep wanting to call my “bub” up the stairs and play with him. It is still sinking in that he’s gone and now he is nothing but a memory. I wish I could just hug him one more time.

I miss my best friend but I know he is in doggy heaven with the other best dog in the world, Callahan.



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3 responses to “When A Heart Breaks

  1. So very sorry for your loss. We lost our dog of sixteen years a couple of months ago and I still miss her dreadfully.

  2. So sorry for your loss. Beagley Beagles are the best! We lost our Beagletrice of liver cancer 1 year ago. It will get better in time. They are worth all the tears because they were that great & will be so greatly missed.

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