My life be like…

ooooo ahhhh oooooooo ahhh.

Monday, I had the absolute privilege of going to see Ben and Duncan from The Buried Life. Jump back to 2010 when the show premiered, one of the first good television shows that MTV had aired in a long time, competing with shows about annoying guidos and teen moms and their redneck boyfriends. I loved the Buried Life the moment it aired. The four boys (more like men but for the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to use boys) are all beautiful, my type, or what I like the think “my type” is. All four from Canada, northern boys, definitely not frat guys, something I’m not all too used to seeing. I instantly fall in love. Of course, not only with their looks, but as 4 guys on a mission to do good in the world while also fulfilling their own life’s wishes.

The premise of the show is to accomplish a list of 100 things “to do before they die.” For everything they cross off their list, they help a stranger cross something off theirs. The show was not only hilarious, but moving. Now that the show is over, the boys go on tours to give motivational talks to college students, i.e me, who don’t know their place in the world yet.

Ben and Duncan were not only hilarious, but I loved hearing stories about how they started and listening them to make fun of the two who weren’t there, Jonnie and Dave. The fact that Jonnie was not there was extremely disappointing because he is my future husband, only he doesn’t know it yet.

Their one hour talk inspired me more than anything else has before. Growing up in the south, and now attending college in the SEC, every girl gets an MRS degree, is married with a child by 24 (at the oldest), and that’s that. This scenario is not something I wish for myself. I want to experience life to the fullest. I’m not saying that the above scenario is not experiencing life, but its not something I want. I want to travel, travel, travel and maybe travel some more. I also want to cross of the things on my bucket list. Maybe, THEN I will want to settle down but I don’t think I can do that until I find myself and do all the things I want to do.

I seriously thank Ben and Duncan for inspiring me to live a live worth living. Duncan said, ” Invest your money in beautiful memories.” I love that. And I think I just might do it.


Here is a list I just threw together.

-Go to comic-con

-Go backpacking through Europe

-Go skydiving

-Work at a food shelter

-Make a difference in a stranger’s life

-Get scuba certified

-Kiss someone on new years

-Go to an aiport/take a train to a random place you point to on a map with nothing but necessities and money

-publish a piece of writing

-work (produce/write/direct.. SOMETHING) for a television show

-strive for happiness, not wealthiness

-do something wreckless

-work backstage at a concert

-be an extra in a movie

-meet jake gyllenhaal

-listen to a stranger’s life story

AAAANND here are some photos

some dove lovin with the TBL hotties


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