I love being spontaneous! Tonight, as I was studying for history, my friend Lydia texts me saying she wants to go to Newks (I’ve made all my friends obsessed). The closest Newks to Auburn is in Newnan, Georgia. It was 5:00pm and it takes about an hour to get there so me, Lydia, Marah and Kitty decided to just hop in the car and go! I know we only went to Newks and that sounds super lame, but it is the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done and it was a lot of fun!

Auburn can be kind of stifling. I’m not used to never leaving the same 1-3 mile radius. It can become kind of claustrophobic here. I eat the same stuff everyday, drive MAYBE two whole miles away, and there is just nothing here. It was so awesome to just get out of here for a couple hours. I can’t even imagine Lydia, Marah and Kitty living in the dorms! I would die being that cooped up.

Tonight involved everything I love! Driving in the car (for more than just one or two miles) with the music up, belting my favorite songs, being with great friends and NEWKS! Duh… if you’ve ever read my blog before you know my obsession.

With all this being said, I still haven’t studied for history. But I’m gonna remember the fun, spontaneous moments I had in college, not my History test grades.



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