You Are a Tourist

College has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from “I love my life so much oh my gosh Auburn is the best thing ever seriously I never want to go home” to “Get me out of Auburn. I miss my family and friends and Newks and old life when everything was easy.” I can honestly say that college is nothing that I expected. There have been pleasant surprises and some not so pleasant surprises. I can now say that I am pretty content with college. I was skeptical of attending Auburn, I always was. Time has past, my first semester is half way over and I am happy to say that I can not picture myself anywhere other than here. I am so happy I chose Auburn. Of course, there are still kinks that need to be worked out but I think I can handle it.

some piczzzz


My big, Kendall. Love her!

My wonderful gift basket from my amazing big

Luke Bryan with my sisters!

One of my amazing sistasss

I went to this ADORABLE coffee shop called the Overall Company. It is my new favorite place. So hipster. So awesome.


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