People are good

Sometimes you need something to restore your faith in humanity. I feel like so many people are so caught up in themselves these days, including myself. It is so refreshing to see an act of kindness that reminds you that it’s okay to do something nice for someone other than yourself!

Today, me and Cathrine were walking down to my car from our apartment. There was an employee picking up trash from our reality company. I immediately felt bad for him because it is hot outside, yes it’s cooling down but still…, and he was cleaning up unneccesary beer bottles and trash from inconsiderate tenants that throw ragers every night. As we are getting in the car, we see one of our neighbors give the worker a bottle of water. It immediately warmed my heart. Seriously. It was such a small act of kindness but an act of kindness none the less.

Instances such as that one make me realize that there are good people in this world and that I need to strive to be one of them.


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