Favorite songs right now

“Merry Happy” by Kate Nash

Favorite lyric: “Dancing at discos, eating cheese on toast, yeah you make me merry make me very very happy.”

“Price of Nothing Charming” by Tyler Hilton

Favorite lyric: “and in the dark she’s taking shots at my heart. She’s got it to an art and this is how I fall apart.”

“That Wasn’t Me” by Brandi Carlile

Favorite lyric: “When you’re lost you will toss every lucky coin you’ll ever trust”

“Honey Come Home” by Elenowen

Favorite lyric:

“Let our walls crash to the ground
Let our greed and pride fall down
Lets take a hand, run straight through the door
Invite love in to be our floor”

“Stars” by Fun.

Favorite lyric: “I feel like I had it all back before I lost it all. Now I just wait for you to talk to me but you won’t even look at me, baby.”

Check. them. out.


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