Tonight was perfect. I love my friends so much. I’m going to miss them with every fiber of my being. I was just lucky enough to gain many of them last year, it hardly seems fair for them to be taken away from me in a few months.

Tonight, we went to for dinner to celebrate my friend Lydia’s birthday and after, we found ourselves looking for something “fun to do.” Erin got the idea to play this game called “boundary breakers.” Basically, a deep question is asked and you go around in a circle and give your opinion/answer on it. I was highly opposed at first, just because I was in no mood for gushy girl talk tonight, but it turned out to be, honestly, one of the best nights of my life. We went up to a mountain that overlooks the city, one of the most beautiful sights in Birmingham, sat in candlelit nature, and talked. It feels so good to talk about things to your friends and know that you aren’t the only one with problems.

After years of having wishy-washy, “friends”, I am so happy that I was privileged enough to make wonderful, trusting friends last year. I can say anything to them and feel comfort in their words and can tell they genuinely care about me. I am so lucky to be blessed with the friends I have.


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