Saying goodbye

I absolutely hate saying goodbye. On a list of a million things that I hate, it is most definitely in the top 10. First of all, I hate change. When someone is put in my life, I get used to the fact that they are there, and going nowhere. Then, I come to the realization that people always leave (Peyton…OTH anyone…?) and I’m always going to have to say goodbye. I hate it so much but it’s a part of growing up, something I also hate. Not only does saying goodbye to someone institute change, it institutes sadness. I can be a very emotional person and saying goodbye brings out all of my emotions at once.

The absolutely worst goodbyes, though, are the ones when you know, you just know, that you will never see the person again. It’s not because you don’t like the person well enough to meet up sometime in the future, or that you don’t care enough to reconnect someday, but because life has it’s way with both people, and it may not be right to ever meet up. Both people will have careers, eventually families, possibily live in different cities, or even states, and by the time you reconnect with them, what?, you’re going to meet up with someone you knew years ago, that you met working at Newks for four months? (You guessed it. Of course it has something to do with Newks.) Even if I’ve only known the person for four months, what this post is based off of, I don’t want them to leave. But, I need to tell myself everyone moves on, everyone leaves. Hell, in about 3 months will be leaving. ME. And guess what me leaving means? Saying goodbye. To many, many, people. Saying goodbye to people I’ve never said goodbye to for more than a week, saying goodbye to people that have watched me grow up, saying goodbye to some of the best friends I could ever ask for. Saying goodbye sucks, and since I’m doing so much of it lately, I better prepare myself for tons more.


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