It’s been one week since you looked at me

I saw American Reunion yesterday and loved it. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard for me to dislike a movie. It really is. Unless it absolutely sucks, or it’s a cheesy action movie(not a fan) then chances are, I will like and I will cry. All of that being said, I liked American Reunion a lot (which I’m guessing I’m alone on because I’ve seen mostly negative reviews).

American Reunion picks up with the 13 year reunion of the East Falls High gang that we all know and love from American Pie, American Pie 2 and American Wedding. I personally love American Wedding, don’t know about y’all. Anyways, the adorable Jim and Michelle are in a sexual rut, Kevin is married to a Gossip Girl obsessed girl we hardly get to see, Finch is just as hilarious as ever, Oz is a sportscaster (NOT on ESPN) in a relationship that seems out of his element, Stifler is well… Stifler and living like he is still in high school, Heather is dating Dron (Dr. Ron.. haha) while still having feelings for Oz, Jim’s dad is mourning the loss of his wife with the help of Stifler’s mom (HUH-LAR-IOUS) and all the others characters don’t have big enough storylines to make this sentence ever longer.

EVERYONE was in this dang movie. Everyone. Even the “MILF” dudes. How awesome. I was not expecting literally every cast member (besides Jim’ mom) to be in the movie but I am so happy they are! Everyone looks good for their age and I thought the movie was still hilarious even though some people think the franchise is stale now. Stifler taking a shi- in those douchebag’s cooler is probably the funniest thing ever. I might be biased because I just love the franchise but I thought American Reunion was great. The ending hinted to a fifth movie…? That would be awesome in a few years.

Now for the non-review part. I was sitting in the movie theater thinking “Wow… it’s their 13 year reunion. They (the fictional characters) are all so old now. Holy shit…. they were all my age in 1999 and now they’re all 30 with kids and married. 13 YEARS??? OMG, I’ll be in their position in 13 dang years. Oh my god, I’m so old! Why is life moving so fast? Brianna… calm down. You’re 17 and haven’t even graduated yet. OMG I’m SO OLD I MIGHT CRY!” Yeah, I’m kind of a crazy person. Don’t read too much into me.



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2 responses to “It’s been one week since you looked at me

  1. CKS

    I like what they did with the movie poster. Nice little nuances there. The American Pie series is awesome (well, the first three, anyway; haven’t seen Reunion yet, BUT I will take your words for it. The other ‘spinoffs’ with the wannabe Stiflers were…… yeah, I’m not going to get into it. But I liked Band Camp, though).

    The last time I watched the 1, 2 and American Wedding was December 2008 (here I go again with the nostalgia). It was a few days before the beginning of 2009 and I remember thinking, “lulz, graduation is in about six months. Maaaaaaaan, it’s going to take FOREVER to get here!” Jokes on me! Time has flown by so fast. Completely irrelevant note, but I’ll always love The Hangover series, specifically the first movie because the first one released exactly a week before (June 5, 2009) my graduation, and I remember that time as the “last time I get to be extremely irresponsible at the very beginning of the last real summer of my life!” As expected, nostalgia will be the death of me!

    • Me too! I thought the poster was awesome when I saw it. I never saw the spinoffs but I heard they are terrible so I think I’m fine with never seeing them, hahaha.

      That feels like me. Even at Christmas time this past year I thought graduation wouldnt come soon enough and now I have 40 something days. AHHHHH. I also love the Hangout. While you were about to graduate, I just finished freshman year and had to sneak in cause I wasn’t 17… good times.

      Okay, I’m really freaking out now after your “last time I get to be extremely irresponsible at the very beginning of the last real summer of my life!” comment. Oh no.

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