I am pretty content with life lately. I feel like I’ve been happier overall (except at school, because its almost impossible for me to even smile there) these last couple of months. I love my friends, I love love my job, and you know what I’m not even going to lie, I think a huge part of all of my recent happiness is because of my job. Most people, probably even at least half of the people that work with me, hate their jobs but seriously y’all… I get happy walking into Newks ready for work. I LOVE the people I work with. They are AWESOME. It’s like I’ve made 60 new friends and they all genuinely care about me, which is refreshing because I spend 35 hours a week with the fakest of fake people at school.

This is my second I love my job it’s the best ever! post but I work about 6 times a week, so it’s kind of a huge part of my life and since nothing else that interesting happens to me, I feel like I have to post about work. A part of me really does not want to go off to college because that means I’ll have to leave Newks behind, which sucks. I realize I’ll have a Newks in Auburn to work at, but it will probably never be like the Newks that I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours at since just December!

Long rambling post, short. I love Newks. I love my coworkers friends. I love getting away from my problems while I’m there and I love working with the hottest, nicest guy, pretty much ever.


EDIT: Wow after reading this, I need to take some of the money I make and go buy a life, PRONTO.



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5 responses to “Content

  1. That’s awesome you enjoy your job so much! Most of us have a job we hate so that we can have money to do the things we love!

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