I am so weird

I actually look forward to going to work. Not many people I know do. Hardly ever adults, and you could barely ever find a teenager who looks forward to work. I don’t know what it is but I feel weird when I’m not there, kind of like I should be. And if I’m not, I feel like I’m missing out.

Take this for example, I got (only) 3 shifts this week. To most people, that’s too many but to me that’s nothing! I want 5 days… I would take more if I could. I think the reason I like working so much, besides the aweseome people I work with, is that it takes me away from reality for a while. I pretty much forget everything when I’m at work. The ONLY downside of working is how far behind I am on my TV shows. I have given up (not permanently… just until summer when I have more time) a bunch of shows and I’m about 2 or 3 episodes behind on most of them.

Wow… I am literally pathetic. I worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, a double today(Saturday), and I just picked up a night shift for tomorrow which means I’m working a double tomorrow. Wow.


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