It has literally been my dream to go to San Diego Comic Con for at least 3 years. I finally decided that this was the year and IT IS!!!!! The only downside… the link that was supposed to take us to the waiting room that Comic Con emailed us was defective. I was literally at the computer at 10:00:01 but didn’t figure out to copy and paste the link into my browser until 10:06, therefore leaving me at number 20,000 in line. The 4-day-badges sold out when I was at about number 6,000 and the Friday and Saturday passes sold out when I was at number 60. I asked myself if it would be worth it to go for just Thursday and Sunday (I’ve decided I’m going to go stay with my friend in LA in between, so that will be fun!) and after reminding myself of last years panels of Thursday and Sunday, I’ve decided to go. I only payed $31 too. I’m just really disappointed that the last year I will fall under a “junior” is this year and I couldn’t even get a 4-day-badge. I’m also sad that I’ll miss Saturday (the biggest, major movie and TV show panels) but then I think about being there for two days and I am ECSTATIC!!

I also know that I will for sure be able to get a 4-day-pass and maybe even with Preview Night for 2013 cause I’ll be able to buy it there this summer! WOOO!

This is how excited I am:



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