Walls Come Down

Ya’ll. I have a confession. I’m really, really, really nervous to write my Revenge recap for NoWhiteNoise on Wednesday. Writing is usually pretty natural to me, once I figure out once I’m writing about – which is the real battle, and I know what I’m supposed to write about but now the pressure is on because people will – GET THIS – actually be reading what I write. Not 20 measly viewers will read what I write, not my English teacher, but a considerable amount of people! I’m just scared I’ll disappoint or fail.

I think what I need to do is calm down and not worry about it. I’m not being graded. This is all for fun. I’m going to attempt to sleep now, even though I’ll probably lie awake wondering how to even write a recap…. (which I should NOT be wondering considering I read every dang recap there is to read every week on EW.com)


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