Bits and pieces of a conversation i eavesdropped on

“I mean, I’m a spoiled only child so, like, I seriously cant live in the same room as someone.”

“I have the absolute BEST metabolism, ever, so of anything, I’ll lose the freshman 15.”

“if there are tile floors in the dorms, I will kill myself. Like who wants to wake up and put their feet on cold, dirty tile? Like oh my gah…”

“do you think I would get in trouble if I took the nasty, TWIN dorm bed out, replaced it with my own QUEEN bed and switched them during like breaks and stuff? Cause I would totally do that. Like what if the beds have bed bugs…? Cause you know what? Those are real….. Bed bugs are real, y’all.”

“I mean with my GPA and ACT score, my parents are virtually paying no money for my college. The LEAST they could do is buy me a condo. They’re only like $100,000 and if I didn’t get a scholarship, all four years of college would be more than that…”


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