Memory Monday

I was just sitting on Facebook stalking one of my old English teachers, with whom I was madly in love with and it made me think of something I somewhat forgot about. Side note: I literally think he might be the hottest person in this world. I had him for two years and I don’t think it was a coincidence that those were two of my favorite years in school. He taught me to love to write and he looked hot while doing it. And this is all besides the point.

Freshman year, the fire drills always seemed to land during his class. The fire alarm goes off and we make our way to the football stadium. My friend, Haley, starts to go through our friend Danielle’s purse.

Haley gets out a bag that has Danielle’s….lady products in and begins to open it. Danielle flips out and says “NO! don’t open that!” and shoves it back in her purse. Mr. Mutter is sitting right in front of us, looking at us, and says “What…? Do you have contraband in there or something?” Haley misheard him, in the most awkward way, and goes “NO SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY CONDOMS IN THERE!!” in the loudest voice possible. Mr. Mutter, cute as can be, blushed and turned around to avoid more conversation.

That was probably the funniest, and most awkward, thing that has happened to me even to this day.

I sure do miss him. And his wife just had a baby. Which officially makes him a dilf.



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4 responses to “Memory Monday

  1. I love when funny memories pop up like that. :)

  2. CKS

    LMAO at the term ‘dilf’ — I’ve never read/heard a girl, or anybody really, master that acronym before in my life. Kudos!

    • Hahahaha that comment made me laugh. Yeah…. I say dilf on a daily basis. I’ve never heard anyone but myself (and my friends who got it from me) say it but I say it loud and proud about half of the guy teachers at my school. And if they aren’t a dad, then they’re just a tilf. I just realized I sound like such a freak! Hahah

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