Red hair, don’t care

I’m laying in bed listening to Laura Izibor, doing absolutely nothing. School started back today and it’s almost comical how much I just don’t care. Fitting, because my class’ slogan is “JDC” which stands for ‘just don’t care’. The whole movement kind of pissed me off at first but I’m a full fledged JDC club member right now. I’m accepted to college and the last thing I want to do is learn more pre-cal, write a Frankenstein research paper, start government among other school stuff.

I haven’t made any new years resolutions yet and it’s the 5th. I should probably get on that. I’m going to write them here so I can feel somewhat obligated to do them. When they are in my mind I don’t feel like I’m accountable to anyone, but to you 3 daily viewers I’ll feel accountable since I’m writing them here.

1) Be more optimistic.  I’m a pessimist if there ever was one. It’s almost impossible for me to look at things the half-full way. I want to try to become more positive and change my outlook on life.

2) Become comfortable with my body. I could say lose 15 pounds, but weight is not what I’m worried about. I’m 5’10 so I will never be the lightest person ever. I want to become more comfortable with myself. Drop a pants size, or two. I want to stop obsessing over my body, because deep down I know that I am not fat. Society makes me think I should be stick thin, and I know it’s wrong, but I still feel that’s how I should look. I want this to end. As soon as possible.

3) Write more often. If I’m going to be majoring in Journalism(subject to change) then I need to get better at writing.

4)  Not care what anyone thinks about me. I’m actually getting there. The last couple years of high school I learned to not care about what people say about me and I’m 70% there, I just need to get that last 30%. I shouldn’t care what others think about me. I should be 100% proud of who I am. Not 70%

5) Try not to fight with my mom as often. My relationship with my mom this year has been bumpy to say the least. She has a lot of flaws that are hard to look past but I love her and I’m sick of fighting with her.

6) Take more risks. Yeah.


That’s all I can think of right now. If I think of more, I’ll be sure to post them so I will feel accountable to accomplish them.




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