What television means to me

To me, there honestly is nothing better than watching a good, quality television show. The range of emotions I experience while watching one of my favorite shows is amazing. I can go from bawling to laughing in a change of a scene. From smiling to crying in an instant. Watching tv makes me happy. Warms me on the inside. When I’m watching TV, nothing else matters. (How dumb do I sound?)

It all started in 6th grade. The first television to I ever watched on DVD was Roswell. I fell in love. When I wasn’t watching it, I was thinking about it, listening to the soundtrack, watching YouTube videos of scenes from the show, but mostly I was watching it. I started it in the summer so I had hours and hours to watch it. I analyzed every character, remembered episodes line by line, researched the cast. It wasn’t just a show to me, it was a hobby. Roswell consumed me that summer. Sure, I still spend hours a day at the pool, but the nighttime was my playground. I, 12 year old Brianna, would stay up until 4am watching Roswell. It became a lifestyle.

After that was Veronica Mars. Young Americans. Summerland. The OC. Gossip Girl.

TV became a lifestyle. When I didn’t have school or wasn’t with my friends, I would watch disc after disc of the show that I had the privilege to watch.

Then came Buffy. Oh, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did bad things to me. I lived and breathed Buffy, and Angel. I became more obsessed with Buffy than any other TV show I ever watched. I began it in 9th grade and it changed me. Literally, changed me. Ninth grade was such a critical year in me finding myself, and Buffy helped in the weirdest way. I will forever love that show with my whole heart. But, it did worsen my tv obsession. After Buffy, there was no turning back. ;)

After Buffy and Angel came Tru Calling, Kyle XY, Dollhouse, Weeds, True Blood, Life Unexpected, Bones, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Lost, Friends… countless more.

Keep in mind I watched these shows over the course of years. Not months or anything. In fact, I’m still in the process of watching some. Eleventh grade is when I began watching tv shows actually on tv and not on DVD. Add all those to the list above. Busy, busy. Sometimes I get myself in too deep with the television watching. I take on more than I can handle, but its show worth it because I love it so much.

Currently is Friday Night Lights(which I think might be almost my favorite show because it is so realistic and doesn’t make me think my life should be super dramatic and soap opera-y and amazing) and I am in love. I have two more episodes and I don’t want to watch them because I will have to admit to myself that it is over(to me) and I don’t want to face that reality. You might say I don’t have a life, I say I love my life.

I think the reason I love television so much is because it makes me forget about everything going on in my world and just relax. It’s amazing.

DISCLAIMER: I realize this post makes me seem super lifeless, but I actually have a life. and friends. and a social life. I just love tv a lot. a lot a lot.


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