2011, in pictures.

First picture of 2011. Happy New Year! I miss my long hair...

Became better friends with these losers. ;)
Reunited with my childhood best friend after almost two years.

got involved in Young Life. Best thing to happen to my life

Met these amazing girls, Anne and Diane. love them to death

Went on SB with some awesome gals

Got the most grossed out I had ever been before. We are smiling, but we don't mean it. Food fights=NASTY

Became close with these awesome girls before they left for college :(

Relay for Life.

Watched all my friends go to prom.

Dance recital!

Finished junior grade with a 4.2 GPA... boo yahhhhh. This is my favorite teacher... Ms. Kelley.

Went to the best concert EVER....

Which was U2!!!!!! Amazing experience. Vanderbilt stadium 7/2/11

Working at Camp Winnataska with the best girls

Got to spend a lot of time with my long distance best frand, Annie Laura.

turned 17

started senior year.

My Young Life leader had a beautiful baby boy!

Saw COLDPLAY and The Black Keys. Both were beyond amazing.

Went camping with just friends. no parents. pretty awesome.

fun at football games.... go rebs!

went to homecoming with no date. just my girls

Spent an amazing weekend at Sharptop Cove with some of my favorite people ever!

Sharptop Cove

Saw Gavin Degraw. Favorite concert ever

MET Gavin Degraw. Yes, I said met. I almost peed my pants.

Decided I'm going to Auburn and rooming with this lady

And... the last month has been kind of uneventful. So here's a random picture. Last football game as a student.

2011 was a somewhat good year. I met some great people, became closer to awesome people, and had a lot of amazing experiences. The latter half of 2011 was not the best, but I survived. I had a lot of family troubles and was sort of depressed.  Hopefully with a new year brings a new start. I’m ready to take on college, make new friends, live on my own, and do things I’ve never done before. I have no doubt it will be a good year, I just have to make it happen.



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2 responses to “2011, in pictures.

  1. CKS

    A big time congratulations to you for your upcoming graduation. To me, it’s bittersweet as hell, because I STILL can’t get over how you little freshmen are already seniors (all of you will always be freshmen to me! Just sayin’)! It’s just mindblowing to me how fast time has flew by.

    Feels like yesterday was July/August 2009 and you all were just starting your sophomore years, and I was starting college. Feels like yesterday… oh wait, I already said that.

    How have you enjoyed senior year so far, though? I’ve said it far too many times on my blog but I’ll say it again: mine was the best year of my life. Had nothing at all to do with school, though — it was just that time period, from August 2008 to June 2009, everything was clicking, I reached a lot of success, had an amazing relationship, fun friends, healthy family… People told me leading up to my senior year, “Oh, man! It will be the best year ever!” I shrugged it off, but you know, they were right.

    Have fun and good luck at Auburn. SEC Country! :)

    • Thank you so much! I still cant believe I’ll be graduating soon so it’s weird to hear that. Yeah, time really has flown by. It’s scary. It feels like yesterday that ya’ll graduated and now it’s my turn? Crazy.

      And to answer your question, my senior year has, unfortunately, not been the best. Not only is it my hardest year schoolwise (thats what I get for choosing to take AP classes) but I’ve had a series of unfortunate events happen to me this school year. Despite all of that, I’ve still had a pretty good year so far and hopefully it get’s better this semester. I feel like I can make that happen but I just need to shake this depressing, pessimistic attitude I’ve had all year. It’s tiring and I just want to enjoy my senior year! I know I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.

      And thanks so much again! I’m actually an Alabama fan so it’s still hard to say this but.. War Eagle!


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