when it rains, it pours

When it rains it pours really describes my life. It is like the title to my life. If my life was a movie, book, tv show or whatever, the title would be When It Rains, It Pours. Or Sometimes You’re the Pigeon, but Usually the Statue. Because I swear I am ALWAYS the freaking statue. I never get to do the crapping… I am always being crapped on. I literally feel like the worlds toilet bowl sometimes.

I used to wish my life was like the television shows I watch and I realized this year that it is WAY more dramatic. I’m not even kidding, if I wrote a novel about my life so far(and I’m only 17) it would be a best selller. To someone looking in, it would probably be really interesting and teen soap opera-ish but to me it SUCKS. I wished to have an eventful life, even though its not in a good kind of way, and I got it. I’m not even making any sense am I? All of that made sense in my head but I’m not sure if its working out on here. So if you can understand what I’m saying, kudos to you. Kudos.

Senior year is nothing that I wanted it to be. It is stressful, boring, annoying and I’m just confused as to why that is because everyone says senior year is the best? I disagree with that on every level. It is the HARDEST year, I’ve had drama this year and A LOT of it, and it all around sucks. I realize I am being such a pessimist right now but everything is just annoying. Freshman year was better than this one. In some aspects, my life has gotten better the last couple years and in some it has crumbled to pieces and I have no control over it. Ugh.

In better news, Christmas is soon!!!! and I love Christmas. It’s hard to think about it when I have 5 exams between me and my favorite holiday but I’m so ready for it! And my best friend from camp is coming to Birmingham and I get to see her for the first time since July and I’m so excited!!!

I’m going to get started on the novel I was talking about earlier. Hopefully I’ll make the Bestsellers List. Bye now


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