Sharptop Cove

I had the chance to go to an amazing Young Life camp this weekend, Sharptop Cove. First off, it is such a beautiful place. The weather was cold (and perfect!), the food was AMAZING, and the I was with my amazing friends and Young Life group! The coffee and tea lover that I am also LOVED that there was coffee and tea available all the time. I definitely took advantage of the deliciousness of that tea.

Sharptop Cove

If you don’t know what Young Life is, it’s a christian group of high-schoolers but isn’t affiliated with a church. If you go to my school and are interested, let me know! Anyway, I learned so much at camp and grew deeper in my faith in the Lord. I really needed this weekend. I really liked all the “sermons” (that’s not what they are, but I don’t know what to call them) because they were so relatable and aren’t meant to push you to live a perfect life. They were more about pursuing your relationship with God, something I need to do better. On Saturday night, we all separated througout Sharptop and had 20 minutes of silence to talk to God. It was so great. There is something about being in nature while talking to God. It really makes you realize how amazing He is and how much He cares about us.

Club was the best part of everyday. There is nothing better than going crazy and singing with 300 other crazy teenagers and growing closer to the Lord. The band was amazing and the special music, Sam Heilig, was awesome. I’m  kind of obsessed with him. Check him out! He is great.

So much fun was packed into a weekend. I am so thankful for Young Life, for my YL leaders, and for getting to go to Sharptop  Cove.

some of my favorite people ever

the girls!


One last thing: John 5 was a topic at Sharptop . It shows how we rely on other things(in this case, the pool) when all we really need is Jesus. “Do you want to get well?” -John 5:6. I love that. Jesus is amazing. 




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  1. Your blog is young/new. But you have an awesome voice! Pursue it!!!

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