This weekend, me and my friends drove four hours  to see Gavin DeGraw in Athens, GA. First off, can I please just go to UGA? I only drove through it and loved it. Second off, I met Gavin DeGraw. I’ve been in love with him for a solid year and of course listened to his music over the years.

We were not planning on meeting Gavin. We had regular $45 tickets but thankfully I overheard the guy at the merch table explaining how you could get a meet and greet. I freaked out and all my friends agreed to pay $45 extra. With the $45, we got a poster, a CD, a T-Shirt and a MEET AND GREET which was worth the $45 alone. Let’s just say I was ecstatic to say the least.

How excited I was about the meet and greet:

The show was amazing. I loved the setlist. He played a lot of songs from Sweeter, obviously, but he also played some of my favorites from Chariot, and his other albums. And let me just tell you how hot he looked dancing on that stage, I can’t. I’ve always thought he was cute but last night did me in. I fell in love. MMMMMMM, I need to move on so I’m not not obsessing over him any longer.

The whole concert was amazing. I honestly can’t explain the joy that came over me when I was singing “I Don’t Wanna Be” in the same room as GAVIN FREAKING DEGRAW. The concert was so great that I somewhat forgot I was getting to meet him after. I freaked out. Meeting his was  probably the greatest thing to happen to me yet, and I’m not kidding when I say that. He was so sweet, and I kind of fell in even more love with him. If that’s possible.

The best part of meeting him…

I hugged him. 

That awkward turtle to the left is David Cook.

Oh! and when we went to take our picture he said “hold me, baby.”

and he called me baby two more times after that. I about died.

Can I PLEASE marry him? now.


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